Genie Jython  v.beta0.1

Genie Jython is a basic IDE for Jython programming Language and Java.

Maven Jython/Python integration  v.1.0

Allows easy building and deployment of your Java project with python/jython and python packages.


Jython database console  v.0.2.1

jydbconsole is a database console inspired by psql - terminal-based front-end to PostgreSQL.

Python PyPlotter-0.8.9  v.0.8.9

PyPlotter is an open source 2D graph plotting package for Python and Jython. It was primarily written for use in the CoopSim package.

FABSpecs  v.0.19.0

FABSpecs allows you to send and receive messages. These messages may be imported from industry standard SML files. In addition, these messages and JAVA GUI elements may be scripted using Jython.

Grue Chess Database  v.1.0

A cross platform chess database which supports ChessGML, PGN, SVG, PostgreSQL and plugins written in Java or Jython.

JyDT for Eclipse  v.1.4.14

JyDT, Jython Development Tools for Eclipse, consists of several plug-ins to support Jython development.

NJES  v.1.0

nJES is a complete CPython rewrite of JES (Jython Environment for Students), originally written by Mark Guzdial and Barbara Ericson.

Retic EAI Server  v.32

Retic is a free EAI Server written in Jython (Java).

Super-light IoC ORM pipeline codegen  v.rc

idyuts is "I Dare You to Use This Shell"; a pre-hibernate approach to replacing an ORM written with jython functors into a pure-Java language command pattern.

Stendhal  v.

Are you looking for adventure? Want to fight for riches? Develop yourself and your social standing? Meet new people? Do you want to be part of a brave new world?

JMaPacman  v.0.3

JMaPacman is a clone of the old Arcade Game Pacman with new features and new design. Now you can have fun and play Pacman with many of your friends together in one game.

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